Phoenix Dark-Knight

Yes, that is my real name


    Andrew Huang raps about basketball, over a beat made with basketballs.

    baskets/ legendary shots drop instant classics/ and we can blind pass it/ huang on the wraparound/ sinking (syncing) it with these joints/ run and gun it, i’m going up for the three-point/ i make it bounce, and never in poor taste/ samples all legal, but it’s still a court case/ killing it/ 00 up on the jersey/ only kids not on my team are ones who haven’t heard me/ sick bass line (baseline), no stopping that/ crossover hit right off the bat/ wrong kind of b-ball, we don’t have pitches/ a wizard or a genie, i’ll grant you three swishes/ give it that swing, and i’ve got the hooks/ kicks and breaks, i don’t do it by the book/ but i can still slam it, if you wanna play it by the rules/ shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school/ i get baskets/

    balls/ i dribble a little/ it’ll titillate anybody while i’m spitting these riddles/ i got it all/ i shoot it and bank it and in that order/ small power in numbers, new meaning to pay it forward/ new player, soaring with these bumping cuts/ i get air, j-jump jump it up/ i’m the jordan of this scene, i do it to the full/ and if you’re saying 23 isn’t the best, that’s bull/ he got baskets/

    "samples all legal but it’s still a COURT case"
    AAaaaaarghhhhh that KILLED me :-)

    (In another life, I would be a totally sups dupa fly rapper, just know that…)

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